a story

The auto Ri.

So Ri always liked the green and yellow Autos. You know why? Because she liked how it wasn’t a two wheeler or a four wheeler. It was a three wheeler and that was damn cool thing to be. A three wheeler. So she first wanted to be an auto. But her mom told her that you can’t really be an auto. It’s a non-living thing. Yes Ri, she said, even three wheelers are not alive. So then Ri decided to be the next best thing, the guy who drove the cool thing around to places. And what better anyway, there weren’t any doors or windows on either sides and air turned into wind soon enough, hitting your face hard every time making people happy. What more did a person want? Cool air in an awesome auto giving happiness to people by driving them to places where they wanted to go, all the while being hit by the happy air on their faces. Ri loved it. Until her mom told her that hey Ri, the auto’s are driven only by guys. As in boys. And you’re a girl. Girls don’t drive autos.
So Ri got all sad and didn’t say much about the autos  for the next a lot of years. Yes, nothing. Nu uh.
And eventually Ri got all grown up and now she was 12 .Big enough to take those auto rides alone. Yeah. All alone. It happened so that Ri had decided that she wanted to be the people that the auto driver took places. She didn’t tell her mom but she knew that those people were living and included both boys and girls. She knew her mom won’t say anything.
And so Ri stopped being sad and as she grew more up, she travelled in more autos and went to more places and ate all the air that came her way through all those auto rides and lived happily ever after till she couldn’t travel in autos anymore and then she died.