Cracks in the heart

Cracks in the heart

We were broken from the start

Fucked over and over

We were screwed at last

Built a boat to row away

We were poets gone astray

Shoutout to the tiny minds

We were shoved in your narrow kind

Sweating out the lovely gift

We were built to slowly rip

Love me like you weren’t spent

We were fucking like there’s no end

Over and out believe it or not

We were bloody fools to rot

Flourish in your barren state

We were stupid to wait

Cracks in the heart

We were broken from the start


Maybe we meet some people because we have to save each other. Maybe its the way things work. Mutually exclusive is not the way of life. We need to include and then let in and then let them take over and do their jobs. And do ours. Do what each of us thinks is right and then see where things go. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all.


Maybe look to your left

Feel a little worried 

About what might have been 

Had I known not of your


Had you not known of mine

Where fates would have intertwined

And played a little game

Where betrayal was met by the same

And truth by lies. 

Nevertheless look to your right

Wonder what might have been

Of your ever cheering side

Sometimes with  so much belief  

So much heart just for you

And you yourself

Look right In front

What do you see? 

Where would have all 

That patienc  gone

The lovely care and 

Illogical optimism. 

Where would you have made

All these memories

To look back upon.