That side

You are wild.  I would know. 

You run like the wind.  I do know. 

You are brave,  I have seen you

Believe me I know you have courage

You are marvellous. 

You are the beauty of the nature. 

I have seen it.  I have seen it all. 

So what if the wicked stays in the shadow

And the lying plays a game or two

You are not made of that.  

You are the better kind. 

The better race of the better mind. 


Losing the zero to my twenty

It’s exhilarating.  

You are a certain person still waiting to be another person full of changing constants. 

You’re changing.  But your basic is still constant. 

What a time to be alive.

You’ve formed a framework to live on when you were a teen,  things that would be hard to turn around.  But you’re only so much older.  Reeling in the confusion yet stable in the basics.  It’s  quite a feeling. 

 You have principles.  Yet you have the adaptive ability. 

You have been heartbroken. Yet you are ready for another love. 

You have sadness.  Yet you are ready to embrace the happy.

You have mediocrity.  Yet you have the possibility of brilliance. 

You have sorrow. Yet you can be brave. 

Because you have all your life ahead of you. 

It’s all  a state of mind.  


The it’s a physical manifestation when you’re TWENTY ONE. 

 You’re still a bit of nineteen,  thinking you can change the world and why not.  Just why the fuck not.  You can.  Go ahead.  Change it.  You’re fucking brilliant. Absolutely great.