That side

You are wild.  I would know. 

You run like the wind.  I do know. 

You are brave,  I have seen you

Believe me I know you have courage

You are marvellous. 

You are the beauty of the nature. 

I have seen it.  I have seen it all. 

So what if the wicked stays in the shadow

And the lying plays a game or two

You are not made of that.  

You are the better kind. 

The better race of the better mind. 



Move your battle away from the time

When you felt like your trust was taken piece by piece and shot down until it was beyond repair. 

Move your battle away from the feeling 

When your heart skipped a beat,  not in love but surrounded by fear and insecurity. 

Move your battle away from the life

Where you lived in a paranoia, an illusion that they were out to get you and you had to escape. 

Move your battle away from the hell

That you gave yourself for falling weak in your knees and giving yourself away for too little. 

Move your battle away from the death

Of happiness inside your body where every cell within you cried and hoped it would cease to exist. 

Move your battle away from the battles that need to be left alone.  The battles you don’t have to fight.  The battles you’re not meant to deal with.  

Your battle is life.  It is living.  Now.  Not then when things were happier or worse.  Now.  

Right fucking  now. 


Fight the battle to live.  To feel.  To believe.  To recover.  

To love. 

Yourself first.  

The love

Fucking love

Soul food

Bitch heart

Great start 

Time collided 

Stars burst 

Window broke

Time slowed

Tears rolled

Sinners spoke

Lovers tiff

Hearts broke

Twenty times 

Shut up

Cried away

Build homes

Sadness stayed

Fucking love

Soul crushed

Tempers rose

Standing dying

Biting lips

Keep change

Crushed teeth

Hells risk

Hoped beyond

Nothing came

Someone said

Hurry up

Don’t start

Finish up

Empty handed 

Who knew

Love beheaded

Fucking love

Spoke again 

Fucking love 

Walked again 

A little

Sweat it out

Bleed a little

Know your sorrow

Feel a little

Twenty times

And then once more

Make yourself

Crave a little

Then you’ll see

Little by little

What it seems

To be saved

And crippled

Know your sorrow

Heed a little

Twenty times

And then once more

Love yourself 

Brave a little

Then you’ll  see

Little by little

What it seems

To be broken

And crumble. 

Sweat it out

Bleed a little. 



Maybe look to your left

Feel a little worried 

About what might have been 

Had I known not of your


Had you not known of mine

Where fates would have intertwined

And played a little game

Where betrayal was met by the same

And truth by lies. 

Nevertheless look to your right

Wonder what might have been

Of your ever cheering side

Sometimes with  so much belief  

So much heart just for you

And you yourself

Look right In front

What do you see? 

Where would have all 

That patienc  gone

The lovely care and 

Illogical optimism. 

Where would you have made

All these memories

To look back upon. 

Fill me up

Fill me up with a little wonder. 

The real kind. 

Not the story and magic

The curiosity and tragic

Fill me up with a little hunger

Not the glory and ambition

The novelty and experience

Fill me up with a little hope

Not the false and blind

The eternal and kind

Fill me up with a little love

Not the star-crossed and lying

The pragmatic and undying.