Someone lied to me so much.  So very much that if they were near me and the air they breathed came around me,  I would die because my body wouldn’t believe it was the air anymore. 


Tonight you can

Tonight you can

Laugh at me

Sting of the tear

Will brave the heat

Tonight you can

Sing to me

Last of the sound

Will make it to me

Tonight you can

Show the pain

Hurt of the heart

Will hate the name

Tonight you can

Bless the rain 

Drops of blood

Will leave a stain

Tonight you can

Sum me up

Tremendous effort

Will not be vain

Tonight you can

Live the universe

Flashing lights

Will show you the way

Tonight you can

Tonight you can

Tonight you can 

Run away. 

Firing shots.

If anybody ever doubted their importance in the vast scheme of things
I would just want to run up to them and ask them about everybody they hurt
No, not the ones they made happy
People want to be happy.
They let you make them happy because they pull along better on the happiness front with the extra effort you put in. The ones you hurt. Oh the ones you hurt. They never wanted any of what you gave them. They probably were waiting for you to put in your share of effort to make them happy, happier. Not take some away. Take a lot away. Those were the people in whose life you mattered . The ones who let you make them feel like trash because of your importance in their scheme of things. It is very essential to remember them. Never ever forget them. No.
I don’t deny that making someone happier isn’t important. Making a sad person happy is even more important. It takes an immense amount of energy to do that. There is hard work and perseverance required. It is commendable that you did it. It reflects on how much they matter to you. Deep down there, they’re helping you make them happy. It’s great but I believe that making a happy person sad is the most important . Despite themselves, their desire to not accept your bullshit and with the knowledge of what you are doing to them, those people took it or whatever form of resistance they offered was too weak and the ones who were truly oppressed , they despised you with their heart and probably eventually got rid of you. In all of it all, you were there, at the centre firing shots.
It tells you how much difference you’ve made . You have taken a person and given them pain and anguish and scars and everything everyone detests
It tells you that if it hurt, it mattered and if it mattered , you mattered.
Thus, in lonely times when you have been hurt by someone you gave the power to hurt you, remember, you were there too, on the other side.
So if this remembrance makes you loathe yourself, you might want do something about it.
More commonly, if it makes you realize of the power you end up holding whether you like it or not, then also you might want to do something about it.