The seventy fifth time


The seventy fifth time I repeat.

It’s okay.

It’s a ritual of each breath

Breathe in

Breathe out

Caught myself from falling down

And Collapsing in a heap

Bitter judgement

Better thoughts

Are yet to come.


The seventy fifth time I repeat

It’s okay

Believing in my voice

Is harder than before

It falters every bit

Settles the score

Of haunted dreams

Manifested in sound

It quivers with sadness

Built on hope


The seventy fifth time I repeat

It’s okay

Closing my eyes

Blocking the beauty

Blinding me from within

Hate rising up to my eyes

Brimming with tears

Ready to gush out

Soaked with shame

Of plenty weak moments


The seventy fifth time I repeat

I repeat it’s okay

I repeat it’s fine

I repeat it’ll get better

I repeat the sun will be kind

The moon will care

And the body will dare

Another chance at  love

Hoping for escape

From despair.


Love me

Like a glass shard pierced through you

And pained the unmovable hand 

Bleeding right through the bandages 

And you couldn’t think of anything else

The agony shot in your nerves

And the apathy of the breeze abound

The gaping flesh wound disappearing 

And only the feeling left behind.

Love me.  Love me.  Love me. Love me. 

Those love songs.

If there’s one thing I couldn’t bear life without, it would be songs about love .
Any love and every love song.
It even feels wrong to describe how they make me feel unless I can’t put it into equally beautiful words.
They’re just there.
If someone wrote that for somebody then someone felt that for somebody. It makes me take pride in the existence and expression of love.

A few lines that make me love love songs so much.

मैं हीर आ तेरी
मैं पीड़ आ तेरी
जे तू बद्द्ल काला
मैं नीर आ तेरी I

this means that

I am your Heer
I am your pain
If you’re a black cloud
I’m the water within

There’s this one also.

मैं जब जब सांसे लेता हूं
तेरा ही नाम लेता हून
ये तूने क्या कीया.

this means

every time I breath
I take your name
what have you done to me?

and this

हुस्न ए जानां की तारीफ़ मुमकिन नही
आफ्रीं आफ्रीं
तू भी देखे अगर तो कहे हम नशीं
आफ्रीं आफ्रीं

this means

it is not possible to praise the beauty of beloved
The most beautiful one
even if you see my beloved, you would say
the most beautiful one

Why, I wonder if anyone would say such a thing to me ?
I don’t think I’m being too romantic, there are a plenty of these songs written keeping another plenty of people in mind .

I might just make it.