The sea

Is judging us.

Its calm beauty


Its flow


Our pasts


Our sadness 


The sea 

Is judging 

Our petty issues

Our lovers quarrels 

And our broken hearts

The sea has been broken


It carries the dead 

In its arms

It has been redirected

Lead to barrenness 

It carries the reminders

Of every breath that

Dipped in unthankfully


That the sea 

Is judging us. 

It has grief beyond

A hundred lifetimes 

Of our pain and anguish

The sea judges us

Because it says



Undying in your faith



बीती हुई हर चीज़ की यादें सताती हैं l
वो भूली बिखरी बातें न जाने काहां चली जति हैं l

Memories of all things gone by haunt us.
The forgotten and scattered tales, God knows where they go.

It amazes me , the amount of things we leave behind. There are times when the doings of a single day seem so overwhelming that it’s hard to imagine that one day, it’ll all probably be something that I don’t remember well because it isn’t possible and I know it. I also know that I will remember certain things which further makes me think what kind of memories did I make yesterday or day before?
Like there are some things that we end up remembering so clearly its crazy. What with all the details and periphery, some things end up being there, right there in our minds . You have to admit, they’re kind of annoying since these type of oh so clear ones are accompanied by not remembering shit about the whole peripheral whatever. We just keep on trying to grasp the why and what and what not.
There are times when we remember everything. Even the above forgotten paraphernalia. Those are creepy, really. Okay maybe they do make us feel good about the fact that we can remember things so clearly in their entirety. They give us hope that maybe whatever is it that we’re doing right now has a chance of being remembered fully.
Then there are the momentary ones. The ones when remembered make us long for those days or those people but only for so long. Short lived types. They make me sad because it’s not that I really want to have those things back because if I did, I wouldn’t have wanted them so slightly, know what I mean?
There’s also the revisiting memories. Where we just take a long walk back, reliving some of our (usually the stupidest)  choices just to remember why we did what we did. They can be hurtful at times. Reminders of our wisdom or the lack of it.
What about the ones which make you wonder what happened? The memories which were being made, happy times were happening and then they just didn’t. The unfinished ones.
And then there are the things we forget. They happened Alright. We just can’t remember. What about them? They don’t haunt us.  They’re absence, at times, does.

यादें भी अजीब ही होती हैं
ख्वाबों के पीछे ही तो सोतीं हैं
और चुपके से मन ही मन में
खो जाती हैं l

Memories are funny things,
they sleep behind our dreams
and  secretly get lost within.