Move your battle away from the time

When you felt like your trust was taken piece by piece and shot down until it was beyond repair. 

Move your battle away from the feeling 

When your heart skipped a beat,  not in love but surrounded by fear and insecurity. 

Move your battle away from the life

Where you lived in a paranoia, an illusion that they were out to get you and you had to escape. 

Move your battle away from the hell

That you gave yourself for falling weak in your knees and giving yourself away for too little. 

Move your battle away from the death

Of happiness inside your body where every cell within you cried and hoped it would cease to exist. 

Move your battle away from the battles that need to be left alone.  The battles you don’t have to fight.  The battles you’re not meant to deal with.  

Your battle is life.  It is living.  Now.  Not then when things were happier or worse.  Now.  

Right fucking  now. 


Fight the battle to live.  To feel.  To believe.  To recover.  

To love. 

Yourself first.  


The manual 

Drishti’s manual on Fears to be conquered while getting in a relationship.

1. Doubting why someone chose you

Listen you don’t get to decide why or how someone can like you. It’s their choice and you don’t get to question it . Sometimes you have to but we have established that this particular guy is not a dick and we don’t need to worry about his motives.

2. That this relationship will be worst than the last one.

So what. Even if. Which we know it won’t. But worst case. Even if it was. A little time waste hurt nobody!  We live once and any thing which seems to make us happy is worth giving a shot. Always. Always.

3. That what if he leaves you.

Arre to dil tootega. Rona Rhona hoyega. You give your friends a chance to catch you when you fall. They will. I will. We all will. No worries there. Jump in we’ll pull you out.

4. That what about the future.

Oh god we can die tomorrow. Any times. Forget the logistics of the relationship. Work on the heart 💓 and the feelings. Always . Future jab ayega we’ll figure it out. 

5. What will physical intimacy be like when your only experience was a creep you didn’t like

Well. It will be beautiful. It’ll be confusing and weird and all things in between but always beautiful if you both love and respect each other. No need to jump in. Take it at your own pace and don’t be afraid. It’ll take its course.

Why relationships are okay really.

1. You learn dynamics about how two people can codependently and independently function . 

2. Chemistry. It matters. Makes you notice reactions like never before .

3. Feelings to feel that were never there before.

4. Things to do with your body parts that you never knew before.

5. Sex.

It’s great.

Why break ups are even better.

1. Fuck two people. You’re the best one. You’re the one with me in your corner.

2. It makes for a brilliant story. 

3. boring two people conversations turn into angsty rants and feelful explosive group showdowns.

4. all your body parts are back to their regular uses

5. Sex . It can take a toll. No really. You need a break and a change and time to experiment.

And finally.

If you’re 21 and plagued with the intricacies of a relationship. It’s really a no brainer.

If it makes you happy and the other half isn’t a potential motherfucking cunt (that is really your friends job to tell you) , then go for it. You won’t be a young adult again. It’s a time when you’re young enough to change and adult enough to know when to not. So really just grab it by the balls and fuck life.