The seventy fifth time


The seventy fifth time I repeat.

It’s okay.

It’s a ritual of each breath

Breathe in

Breathe out

Caught myself from falling down

And Collapsing in a heap

Bitter judgement

Better thoughts

Are yet to come.


The seventy fifth time I repeat

It’s okay

Believing in my voice

Is harder than before

It falters every bit

Settles the score

Of haunted dreams

Manifested in sound

It quivers with sadness

Built on hope


The seventy fifth time I repeat

It’s okay

Closing my eyes

Blocking the beauty

Blinding me from within

Hate rising up to my eyes

Brimming with tears

Ready to gush out

Soaked with shame

Of plenty weak moments


The seventy fifth time I repeat

I repeat it’s okay

I repeat it’s fine

I repeat it’ll get better

I repeat the sun will be kind

The moon will care

And the body will dare

Another chance at  love

Hoping for escape

From despair.



Kya karun

Ka haan jaun

Talaash me hun

Apne jurm ki

Kuch to kiyaa hoga 

Jo Yeh tohfa mila hai

Kuch zulmon ka

Kuch dard-e-dil ka

Kuch pyaar se mehroom 

Rishton ka. 

What do I do

Where do I go

I’m in search 

For my crime

I must have done something

To deserve this gift 

Of torture

Of pain of the heart 

Of relationships devoid 

Of love. 


Yun dekha tumne jaise 

Hum hi bahaar ki vajah hain

Nazrein uthaayi to 

Asmaan roshan ho gaya

Nazrein jhukaayi to

Barsaat ka mausam aa gaya

Nazrein nazron se mili to

Ibaadat pe yaqeen ho gaya

Nazrein hum par se hati to

Humaara Sara jahaan betaab ho gaya

Nazrein hum par wapas aayein to 

Ikraar e ishq bayaan ho gaya

The way you looked at me

As if I was the reason for spring

You looked up

the sky lit up

You looked down

Rainy weather had come upon us

When we looked eye to eye

I started believing in worship

When you looked away from me

My whole world became impatient

When you looked back at me

Declaration of love was expressed


dard pe vishwaas hai mujhe

kam se kam rehta hai

aankhon me nazar aata hai

haathon pe kaampta hai

hothon pe thartharaata hai

na kabhi dhokha deta hai

na chupke se chala jaata hai

reh reh kar tadpata hai

har saans me ehsaas karwaata hai


I trust pain

at least it stays

it’s visible in the eye

it shakes in the hands

and shivers on the lips

it doesn’t betray and leave you

it stays and makes you miserable

it makes you experience it with every breath